Wednesday, 24 October 2018

All dancing, all walking - all sneezing

FUNDRAISING fever is in the air at Carlisle Mencap - and so is the other type of fever which isn't so pleasant. But hey ho, we battle on through the sniffles and the sneezes!

Far be it from me to whinge (ha! pull the other one Taylor...) but all that exercise down at the DW Fitness gym, plus walking the dogs, watching the food I eat and cutting back on the alcohol seems to have resulted in me cheesing off my immune system and getting one of those chesty colds that hangs around like an unwelcome guest at your dinner party. You know the one, the sort that you think you've finally shown the door to, only for the 'guest' to return a few hours later because they forgot their coat and then hang around for a another few hours while helping themselves to you best malt whisky.

Quite a few of us here at CM HQ have been suffering from SAS - Seasonally Adjusted Snot - but never mind, onwards and upwards. First off on the forthcoming fundraising frenzy is the Halloween Disco taking place on Thursday night (tomorrow, as I write this...) at the Harraby Catholic Club. Damien, who used to be a support worker with us, is spinning the discs, while the gourmet gang down at our Doves Cafe are preparing the buffet while there will be lots of raffle prizes, prizes for best costume and lots of ghastly fundraising goings-on - in the best possible sense of course!

I hope Damien has a few Thriller tunes to create a good atmosphere and get people doing the Monster Mash. I remember we had a Halloween party at our house a few years ago and I proudly recorded a tape (yep, it WAS a few years ago!) featuring lots of my favourite spooky-themed records - which was great on one hand, but not for those wanting to dance the night away as it is a bit difficult to do disco moves to Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon and The Devil's Answer by Atomic Rooster, fab rock records though they may be.

Any road up, following the disco our attention will switch towards Sunday November 4 at the '20 Miles For Carlisle Mencap' and our sponsored walk around the picturesque nature trail at Watchtree Nature Reserve near Wiggonby. I'm looking forward to it. Well, I have to admit while sniffling and coughing my head off the other day, to be brutally honest I was rather wishing that our CEO Sheila had opted for us all going out for a three-course meal at a posh restaurant to celebrate her 20 years as chief executive officer, rather than plump for a 20-mile trek starting at 9am on a Sunday in November.

But onwards and upwards - although thankfully the nature trail at is reasonably flat - and myself, along with Sheila, children's services operations manager Krysia and team leader Morag, will be raring to go come the day, all of us having got lots of sponsors - and very grateful we are to them too.

Still not too late though to donate cash - which will go towards the much-needed refurbishment of our adult centre at California House - so please go to our JustGiving page at

For more details about all our fundraising events and for more details about Carlisle Mencap and the vital work we do for people with learning disabilities across Cumbria, please go to our website at or email me at


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