Tuesday, 18 September 2018

We can work it out

WELL, it's life, gym, but not as we know it...

To look at me, you'd think I am to gyms, fitness regimes, workouts and long-distance walking what Theresa May is to break dancing - and you'd be right.

But I'm giving it a go - and mainly for the good cause that is Carlisle Mencap. I've joined the DW Fitness centre in Carlisle and have been going there three times a week since early this month, including sessions with my own physical trainer (a PT for PT, if you like!). I've not had an alcoholic drink since August 31, and I've quit eating marzipan. (Actually, I've never liked marzipan so that's a bit of a con - sorry.)

I'm doing all this for two reasons. Firstly, I was 2 stones 2 lbs overweight for my height, and my BMI was 29.4 when it should be 25. Not sure what all that is about, but it concerned me nonetheless. Secondly, in May next year, I am to do a sponsored walk from the Carlisle Mencap Hart Street children's centre in Ulverston to our Grace Little children's centre here at Kingmoor Park North - a distance of 79.8 via the M6 (but not allowed, apparently...) - but a mere 65.7 miles as the crow flies - or in this case, as the overweight bloke staggers.

Any road up, at the end of the first week I'd lost a staggering two pounds in weight. A lot of sweat for not much gain. But heyho, it's a start. I may add to my fitness regime by joining some our staff and service users every Sunday between 4pm and 5pm at the Border City CrossFit gym (see picture at top of this blog). It's a really popular session and all credit to those at the Lorne Street facility for their support.

So a big part of my role sees me try and come up with and then organise fundraising events for Carlisle Mencap. I try and get the great British general public, companies, organisations and individuals to give us money to fund our vital work. Therefore it is only right I do my bit. And likewise our CEO Sheila Gregory is putting her best feet forward too.

As I head up the country on foot next year, she is planning to head across it - tackling the Hadrian's Wall Trail. And as a warm-up, on November 4 we and others are planning to do a sponsored 20-mile walk to mark the 20th anniversary of Sheila joining Carlisle Mencap.

The other day in our local convenience store I was disheartened to see they had, on prominent display, packs of festive tube of sweets. Fruit pastilles, Smarties and the like decorated with penguins in scarves pictured in snow next to Christmas trees. It's only the middle of September!

But that was pretty hypocritical of me because at the end of August I'd started to come up with our festive fundraising programme. So I can hardly point the finger at confectionery giants, can I? (And no doubt, very soon, those 'order now for Christmas' adverts will appear on our TV screens. Though I have yet to meet anyone who has been prompted by those said ads to go: 'Crikey! We'd better get ourselves a brand new sofa for Christmas, love, and quick - on top of all the presents, booze and grub we have to buy as well!')

So we have a Big Festive Quiz, a big festive concert night called Limelight 2018, and a Christmas Fair all lined up for early December. But to be fair, it IS still the middle of September so I will go into more details about those events in the next few weeks - suffice to say the Big Festive Quiz is on Monday December 3 at the fabulous Old Fire Station venue in Carlisle and it is for teams of four at £20 entry per team. Phew!

For more news and details about Carlisle Mencap, go to www.carlislemencap.co.uk or Twitter @carlislemencap or Facebook https://en-gb.facebook.com/mencapcarlisle/
And please get in touch if you want to help Carlisle Mencap. Email me at phil.taylor@carlislemencap.co.uk or call 01228 674393. Cheers!


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